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“Wooden Heart” is a charming and distinctive song performed by Elvis Presley, originally featured in his 1960 film “G.I. Blues.” The song has a unique character, blending elements of folk music with Elvis’s signature rock ‘n’ roll style. Here’s some detailed information about the song:

Origins: “Wooden Heart” is an adaptation of a German folk song titled “Muss i denn,” which translates to “Must I Then.” The original song dates back to the 19th century and is associated with the Swabian region in Germany. It was often sung at events like weddings and festivals.

Incorporation into “G.I. Blues”: Elvis Presley’s version of “Wooden Heart” was incorporated into his 1960 musical film “G.I. Blues,” where he played the role of a soldier stationed in Germany. In the film, Elvis’s character sings the song while playing an accordion made of wood, hence the reference to a “wooden heart” in the lyrics.

Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics of “Wooden Heart” reflect themes of love, longing, and the desire for a lasting commitment. The song portrays the idea of a heart that is strong, like wood, and will remain true. It’s a sentimental and somewhat whimsical love song that resonated with audiences, both in the film and as a standalone recording.

Musical Style: “Wooden Heart” incorporates elements of traditional German folk music, featuring an accordion prominently in the arrangement. Elvis’s vocals are lively and playful, and he seamlessly blends his rock ‘n’ roll style with the folk-inspired melody. The song’s unique blend of genres gives it a distinct and memorable sound.

Chart Performance: Upon its release, “Wooden Heart” became a commercial success for Elvis Presley. It topped the charts in the United Kingdom, making it his second number one hit in the UK. In the United States, it also performed well on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 1 on the Easy Listening chart and number 4 on the overall chart.

Legacy: “Wooden Heart” remains a beloved and recognizable song in Elvis Presley’s discography. Its international appeal, due in part to the inclusion of German lyrics, helped solidify Elvis’s status as a global music icon. The song has been covered by various artists over the years and continues to be associated with Elvis’s enduring popularity and versatility as a performer.

In summary, “Wooden Heart” is a unique and delightful song in Elvis Presley’s repertoire, blending folk and rock elements to create a memorable and enduring piece of music that has transcended cultural boundaries.



“Wooden Heart (Muss I Denn)”

Can’t you see
I love you
Please don’t break my heart in two
That’s not hard to do
‘Cause I don’t have a wooden heart
And if you say goodbye
Then I know that I would cry
Maybe I would die
‘Cause I don’t have a wooden heart
There’s no strings upon this love of mine
It was always you from the start
Treat me nice
Treat me good
Treat me like you really should
‘Cause I’m not made of wood
And I don’t have a wooden heartMuß i’ denn, muß i’ denn
Zum Städtele hinaus,
Städtele hinaus
Und du mein Schatz bleibst hierMuß i’ denn, muß i’ denn
Zum Städtele hinaus,
Städtele hinaus
Und du mein Schatz bleibst hierThere’s no strings upon this love of mine
It was always you from the start
Sei mir gut
Sei mir gut
Sei mir wie du wirklich sollst
Wie du wirklich sollst
‘Cause I don’t have a wooden heart

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